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Sweetness “Hybrid carpet “ Speed rating: Fast Side (8/10) Slow side (4/10). This bag will have you perfecting your block shots, roll shots, cut shots and telling all your friends this bag is SWEET.

Slow side: (4/10) A side that is used for blocking, rolling, cutting, anything you put your mind to this side will do it. A carpet side that is very similar fabric as the Bambino, but is woven differently. This makes it a tad slower, but doesn't sacrifice the drippiness.

Fast side: (8/10) Fast side that is used on the Hova, Weezy and Bambino, A fast side that is very controlling and great for pushing opponents bags away from the hole or, pushing your blockers into the hole with ease. If you Love the Bambino but think it might be a little too fast for your throw, then this bag will be the perfect bag. Just a tad slower compared to the Bambino, but a little faster compared to the Shady.


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